Sri-Prema-SaiWith the purchase of each Dorothy Store’s product, we are not only committed to the best satisfaction requests of our customers offering them a fashionable and high quality Made in Italy product, but also to help the poorest people.

Indeed, on every purchased product Dorothy Store donates 2% of its selling price value to
Sri Prema Sai Organization ONLUS.


Sri Prema Sai Organization ONLUS is a non-profit organization that works to promote and develop cultural activities according to the principles of solidarity and services in favor of the humanity. In specific, it occupies and guarantees education and spiritual growth through the support of voluntary work and charitable activities in order to alleviate the situations of greater disadvantage and poverty to any individual, family, community and entire populations in poverty or hit by natural calamities.

Prema in fact, in its more substantial relevance, means Love. Sri Prema Sai Organization ONLUS under the guide of this Love, works in the perspective to build a better future for the society, a new era of light and hope. Driven by this Love, everyone is called to struggle and achieve an exciting and bright objective, a service to the mankind and for those who may represent an opportunity of human and spiritual growth, nourishment for Body, Heart and Soul for those who donates and receives.